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Brand-tailored beats crafted by musicians for a premium sound.




Whencustomers enjoy the music being played, they tend to stay longer in a business.

Brands notice an increase in sales when they have brand fit music

The background music in restaurants is noticeable to customers.

The type of music you choose to play can be a cost-effective and effortless tool at your disposal. Scientifically, music has been shown to be a dependable method for restaurants to enhance their table turnover rates. For those new to the restaurant industry, table turnover rate refers to the number of times a table is used by different groups within a given timeframe.

"Without music, life

would be a mistake."


Intuitive App

With the Remote App, employees have the ability to adjust the volume, skip tracks that are not being well-received, and even share a song with customers to create a personalized experience (limited to iPhone users).

Explicit Filter

Maintain a family-friendly environment in your business by easily toggling a switch to prevent any unsuitable content from disturbing the mood.

Drag-&-Drop Scheduling

Plan ahead to ensure that the music is played at the appropriate time and location. Organize your playlists by dragging and dropping them onto a calendar that takes into account business hours, anticipated busy periods, and special occasions.


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